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The Business of Programming

When it comes to running any kind of business on software, there are at least two things you need to have ready before writing code.

Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress

This series will cover everything from Analysis, Design, and Implementation.

WordPress Development Environment

In this series of posts, you will learn how to set up and configure a WordPress development environment using a variety of pre-existing, easy-to-use tools.

Using Visual Studio Code

I’m a fan of Visual Studio Code, obviously, and have used it in comparison to a lot of the popular IDEs on the market. I keep coming back to it so, naturally, I’ve written about it.

Unit Testing

If you’ve never written a unit test in PHP or have no idea how to set up the utility within Visual Studio Code, work with the XML configuration file, or have no clue what “red-green-repeat” means, then this series of posts is for you.

The Independent WordPress Developer

I’m working on an entire series of what it means to be an independent WordPress developer. It starts from ground-zero and works its way up from setting up a development environment to event including screencasts.

  1. Tools, Processes, and More for The Independent WordPress Developer
  2. Local Development for the Independent WordPress Developer
  3. Databases and Tools for the Independent WordPress Developer
  4. Installing WordPress for Local Development
  5. Native WordPress Debugging Tools That Don’t Require an IDE
  6. Reading and Understanding WordPress Error Logs, Part 1
  7. Reading and Understanding WordPress Error Logs, Part 2
  8. Basic Debugging Within WordPress
  9. Installing Xdebug, Part 1: The Xdebug Module
  10. Installing Xdebug, Part 2: The IDE
  11. An Introduction to Debugging for WordPress Developers
  12. Debugging for WordPress Developers: Stepping Around Code
  13. Debugging for WordPress Developers: Changing Values at Runtime

Eventually, this will be converted to an eBook. But, for now, it’s available exclusively for members.

Object-Oriented Programming with the WordPress Widgets API

The purpose of this series is to start doing a deeper dive into working with object-oriented programming in the context of WordPress. And since the WordPress Widgets API is one of the APIs that does use object-oriented practices, it’s a logical place to start.

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