Easier Excerpts 1.5.0

Just shy of two years ago (almost to the day, even), I first released Easier Excerpts for WordPress. It was, and still is, one of those plugins that I built for myself and ultimately decided to release for others to use.

It’s small and serves a very small improvement to the excerpt field in the post editor, but it’s something that I still use every day.

But over time, WordPress changes and improves, one’s ability to write code and build their tools changes. And that’s a lot of what went into this particular version.

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Scheduled Post Shortcut 1.5.0

I first released Scheduled Post Shortcut for WordPress almost two years ago (officially, it’ll be two years ago this June but who’s counting, right? 🙂).

It’s one of those really simple plugins that works well for those who schedule content far out and want to easily see how many posts are in their backlog, but not much else.

Scheduled Post Shortcut 1.5.0

In short, it’s a plugin designed for people who blog regularly and frequently.

Anyway, I had a notice on the project page in the WordPress Plugin Repository that the plugin had not been tested against the lastest version of WordPress.

So while making sure it was compatible against WordPress 4.9.4, I also brought it up to date with some other standards.

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Blogging Plugins: Better Blogging With WordPress

Every now and then I end up having to call a few false starts on projects. Sometimes it’s scheduling, sometimes it’s because I realize that I didn’t do a good enough job coming up with what I wanted to do, and sometimes it’s simply because something else has come up.

Case in point: Pressware Plugins.

If you go back and read the post (which I don’t think is necessary), you’ll see that the goal was simple: To create a better blogging experience.

For me, the challenge was to identify exactly what that’d look like, how the business model would work, and how would it translate for those who are already people who use WordPress but in a variety of capacities.

So I pulled back, re-evaluated, and have been talking with others for quite some time now about refocusing the idea. And thus comes Blogging Plugins.

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Scheduled Post Shortcut 1.4.1 Now Available

Scheduled Post Shortcut is arguably my least popular plugins. That is, has an extremely low number of downloads based on what few number of analytics I have.

Scheduled Post Shortcut 1.4.1

Regardless, it’s one that I use (I mean, I technically wrote it for myself) and there are those who use the plugin if they write with any sort of regularity – whatever that may be for them.

However, it’s been brought to my attention by a number of people who joined up as members that they saw an error message in their dashboard whenever they logged into the site.

No good, right?

So as I head into the holidays, I wanted to get a quick fix for this out as a “thank you” to those who use it and for those who reported the error and who have signed up to join the site.

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Adding Featured Mobile Images via CMB2

The other day, I shared how to add your WordPress plugin to Packagist. In the post, I mention that I did this with a recent project though I didn’t go into any detail about it. In short, the purpose of the plugin is to make it easy to add featured mobile images to WordPress.

For those who are familiar with CMB2, then you know it’s often used as a way (if not the way) for many developers to incorporate custom meta boxes into WordPress. And for the requirements on a project, I needed to introduce the ability to have a mobile featured imaged.

So to gain experience with creating a CMB2-based plugin and to learn how to use Packagist, I thought I’d use the project as an opportunity to do both.

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