Where Do I Start With WordPress? (An Upcoming eBook)

A little over a year ago, I launched my first membership site which I called The First Version.

The idea behind the name wasn’t anything clever – it was the first time I’d tried something like this, it was the first version of the site, so the name was something that was quick and easy to register and set up.

Then, for the second iteration of the site, I called it Start Here under the idea of answering the question “where do I start with WordPress?”

Start Here with WordPress
The original “Start Here” landing page.

Anyone who has jumped into WordPress and begun to develop (or begun to try to develop) themes, plugins, applications, or any other type of solution for others knows that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Rather than offering another closed membership site, I’m going to be publishing an eBook called Start Here which still aims to answer “where do I start with WordPress” but does so in an easier and cheaper format.

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WordPress Admin Notices: Toggle Them With This Plugin

Last week, I shared some thoughts on my desire to do a better job of sharing personal projects – regardless of how big or how small – on GitHub. I’ve used to do a better job of it, and I’ve since gotten out of it. (And this lead to some comments, some of which aren’t approved yet, which I still need to find some time to sit and respond.)

And I want to get back into the habit of it.

But during the conversation, I came to the realization that I have a lot of small classes, plugins, utilities, functions, helpers, etc. related to WordPress development or JavaScript that I’ve never really put on GitHub.

But in following up with what I said I’d do, I pushed up 0.1.0 of the first project in an attempt to follow-through on what I said I’d do starting with a small project that allows us to toggle WordPress admin notices.

Toggle WordPress Admin Notices

So here’s Toggle Admin Notices.

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View WordPress Page Templates in the Admin

Three years ago, I published a small plugin both on GitHub and in the plugin repository that made it possible view WordPress page templates in the admin.

I called it Page Template Dashboard – naming things isn’t easy, and even when you do, it’s obviously not great – but WordPress has changed a lot in three years.

View WordPress Page Templates with Page Template Dashboard
Remember when WordPress looked like this?

In three years, a lot can change in your personal life too, and this makes it hard to work on personal projects. But when you can steal a few hours – usually late at night – it makes it possible to revisit and update projects like this.

So last night, I release the latest version of Page Template Dashboard.

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A Critical Update to Scheduled Post Shortcut?

Based on active installs, ratings, and the like, Scheduled Post Shortcut isn’t what you’d call a popular plugin. Far from it, actually. But I’m okay with that.

Remember that when Eric and I first started releasing these plugins, the goal was not only to create small plugins that solved problems we were experiencing as bloggers, but also to do so in a way that made it as simple as possible for others to use in their day-to-day writing.

And since there are problems that he and I still experience, we continue to update the plugin.

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Scheduled Post Shortcut for WordPress

Scheduled Post Shortcut for WordPress is officially available in the WordPress Plugin Repository and is the second plugin that’s officially available via Pressware.

A few months ago, Easier Excerpts was a plugin that was released to help make it just a little bit easier to manage excerpts when composing blog posts.

Scheduled Post Shortcut is another plugin that attempts to stay in the same vein of simplicity while also making it easier to streamline the publishing process.

But what does that mean and what’s the story behind the plugin?

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