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Building Backcast: Hit Pause

On the whole, writing a post about other posts – aside being very meta – isn’t something I’m fond of doing.

But here I am.

At the beginning of this year, I started working on a podcast backup utility called Backcast and I’ve been documenting the project throughout the year in a series of posts.

But given that I was making steady progress on this and given that it’s something I want to continue working on since it’s something I have use for, it seemed worth commenting on it if for no other reason than posterity.

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Building Backcast, Part 6

TL;DR: I’m tired of writing code without consistent standards (I often work on code that changes between WordPress or PSR2) so this is how I installed PHP Coding Standards via Composer and a few extra extensions for the project. This also details how to automatically format the code on save.

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Building Backcast, Part 4

TL;DR: The private podcast account is set up but not yet recorded; I’m looking to do that sooner rather than later. I’m looking to possibly abandon exclusive Overcast support which I’ll briefly talk about. This article walks through the process of defining the conditions for unit testing and how I’ve decided to go about writing the first set of unit tests.

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Building Backcast, Part 3

TL;DR: In this post, I cover PHPUnit, PHP, phpunit.xml, unit testing, and macOS and how to get them all to work together despite what ships with macOS.

In the initial draft of this post, I wrote about how I was going to start writing unit tests for small pieces of functionality as well as show exactly what functionality I was writing (and the why behind it).

But this took a weird turn that that led me on a long digression into three things:

  1. PHPUnit 9,
  2. the version of PHP that ships with macOS,
  3. And how to get them to work together nicely.

So rather than try to cover all of that in a single post, I thought it better to talk about PHPUnit, PHP, phpunit.xml, and macOS in a single post, then get back to to the practical work of building the project.

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Building Backcast, Part 2

TL;DR: After thinking through what it might be like to build something like this over the next few-however-long-it-takes, publishing a podcast on something like this seems like a fun and logical thing to do especially since this whole project is about podcasts.

But this won’t be in the traditional sense of podcasts. Instead, I’m particularly interested in what Castos is doing with private podcasts.

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