Yet Another Blogging Podcast – Episode 1: Niche and Narrow

Last week, I mentioned that I was going to be doing a podcast about blogging. I don’t take myself too seriously, it seemed like fun, so why not?

Besides, I had a few questions for how blog and since I genuinely value the questions, comments, and suggestions on this site, I want to try to provide as much information about what I share here.

So I’ve creatively titled this podcast Yet Another Blogging Podcast and the first episode is ready for download (or for listening) today.

Episode 1 – Niche and Narrow

In this podcast, I share what I believe what it means to find your niche and to go narrow when starting a blog. I want to stress that this is nothing more than my thoughts and opinions on what I’ve experienced.

This is not a dummies guide to blogging, nor am I saying that if you follow these steps that you’re going to enjoy blogging. It’s meant to answer some of the questions that I’ve received over the past couple of weeks.

This is how I blog and this is what is working – and has worked – for me and hopefully it’ll help you guys.

Show Notes

  • The Podcast is going to cover five topics:
    1. Niche and Narrow
    2. Collecting and Generating Ideas
    3. Scheduling Your Time
    4. Finding Rhythm For Blogging
  • These are my thoughts and my opinions on what I’ve experienced. It’s not a recipe for success.
  • Picking your niche is easy – but you must identify what’s the most exciting part of your it.
  • Write at the intersection of what you enjoy writing about and what has the potential for most discussion for you and your readers.
  • Going narrow means that you should be able to populate each category with relatively the same number of posts.
  • Not every methodology for writing works for everyone.
  • Find what works for you, but…
    1. Start Writing. You’ll get a feel for what you want to write about.
    2. Categorize Each Post. Don’t write a post spanning a handful of categories, but one.
  • A good rule of thumb for categories is approximately seven categories.
  • I cover a couple of strategies for how to come up with categories and how to weed out what you don’t want to talk about.

On Feedback

If you listen all the way through the end, note that I’m looking for a good exit tag line and I’m taking contributions from you guys so let me know some suggestions! I figured it’d be fun :).

Finally, if you’ve got any critiques, suggestions, and questions, leave ’em in the comments.

Download or Listen

You can grab a copy or listen in your browser using the player below. The podcast clocks in at 9 minutes and 43 seconds, so it’s short and to the point – exactly what I’m aiming to do for this series.

11 Replies to “Yet Another Blogging Podcast – Episode 1: Niche and Narrow”

  1. Nicely done! Way to go keeping it short and concise.
    I’ve been meaning to blog more on my website but I just can’t find the time to do it. When I do have some spare time, I find difficult to write about a subject interesting enough for the readers and expand on it.
    Hopefully I can get some inspiration from these podcasts.

  2. Good stuff Tom!

    For clarification, I assume you are talking about at the parent category level? With our CN blog we have a lot of categories for all our shows/games but most are set up as subcategories under about 5-6 parent categories.

    1. Yep – parent categories. Though I tend to favor as few categories as possible for a personal blog, that’s largely my personal taste and it holds me accountable for focus.

      As far as subcategories are concerned – especially for a corporate blog – I think they are necessary as it keeps the content organized.

  3. I really like first two episodes, but had no idea how difficult it was to comment audio posts, you have to take notes :)

    Niche and narrow question, how would you classify these three (too wide, too narrow, just right):

    * Blogging about WordPress development
    * Blogging about WordPress theme development
    * Blogging about best practices related to WordPress theme development

    I understand what you’re talking about in this episode, but blogging about WordPress development, while much wider than the other two I mentioned, still is niche and narrow in a way.

    And yeah, couldn’t agree more about getting your feet wet right away.

    1. Yeah – it’s a challenge ;).

      Anyway, there’s some subjectivity to what you’ve listed, but I’ll do my best to answer:

      • In short, I’d say this is a bit wide. If you’re an expert in plugin, theme, (and possibly app) development, then this is fine. You just have to write consistent content per category – if you do that, I’d say it’s just right.
      • Just Right. This is a deep topic and there’s a lot of ground that can be covered. You could categorize the topic into a number of different areas that’d be rich for populating.
      • This seems too narrow to me. It actually seems more like a natural fit to the topic you have above.

      Hopefully this helps. Part of finding your niche and going narrow isn’t just about identifying the topic, but identifying how well you can write content about the topic and how much you can write about it.

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