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Yet Another Blogging Podcast – Episode 4: Finding Your Rhythm

In the third episode of Yet Another Blogging Podcast, I talked about how to go about scheduling your time without completely having to readjust your schedule, get up early, stay up later, or whatever other options a lot of conventional wisdom share.

At this point, you know that nothing that I’m saying is meant to be taken as the definitive guide to blogging. In fact, I don’t believe there is one. Instead, it’s meant to be nothing more than helpful pointers for what I’ve found useful in running this blog.

With that, this is the final podcast in the series in which I talk about what it means to find your rhythm in blogging.

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Yet Another Blogging Podcast – Episode 3: Scheduling Your Time

In the last episode of Yet Another Blogging Podcast, I shared several tips for generating and collecting ideas. Specifically, I discussed using your opinions, learning from existing projects, various material that you read, watch, or hear, and/or inspiration that you garner from other sites.

As I’ve said in the previous episodes, this isn’t meant to be the definitive guide to blogging. It’s nothing more than practical advice that I’ve found that has worked for me, and that answers a number of questions that I’ve received in previous posts and/or emails.

So, with that said, hopefully there will be something useful in this episode.

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Yet Another Blogging Podcast – Episode 2: Generating and Collecting Ideas

I released the first episode of Yet Another Blogging Podcast last week in which I offered some advice on how to find your niche in blogging and then how to go very narrow within said niche.

In keeping consistent with the previous podcast, this isn’t a “For Dummies” style of podcast, nor is it meant to be prescriptive. This is simply what I’ve found to work over the past couple of years of blogging, and what I’ve seen work for a few of my peers.

I can’t guarantee any type of success (especially since success looks different to each of us), but hopefully there’s some useful information in how to extract your own ideas for generating a backlog of content for your blog.

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Yet Another Blogging Podcast – Episode 1: Niche and Narrow

Last week, I mentioned that I was going to be doing a podcast about blogging. I don’t take myself too seriously, it seemed like fun, so why not?

Besides, I had a few questions for how blog and since I genuinely value the questions, comments, and suggestions on this site, I want to try to provide as much information about what I share here.

So I’ve creatively titled this podcast Yet Another Blogging Podcast and the first episode is ready for download (or for listening) today.

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