Hello Dolly

For any modern podcast, the first thing that many people want to do is to get their podcast into iTunes. My team and I are no different. The thing is, we don’t really have an officially Hello Dolly podcast feed.

At least we didn’t.

See, the problem, is that not everyone wants to use iTunes. In fact, Chip Bennett stated in one of his comments on the original podcast’s post:

Why exclude part of your audience?

I am a Linux user, and thus couldn’t even use iTunes even if I *wanted* to. And even if I could use iTunes, I wouldn’t, as a matter of principle (it’s buggy, bloated, and part of Apple, whose products I refuse to use).

There’s some irony here somewhere, in which a podcast focused on an open-source software script would try to lock its users into a proprietary delivery vehicle.


Point taken!

As of today, we’ve officially setup the official Hello Dolly podcast feed. You can add it to your reader by using the address HelloDolly.fm. Pretty sweet, right?

If you are using iTunes, then feel free to use HelloDolly.fm/iTunes, as well.

This will be updated each time we release a new version of the podcast and should work for any browser, mobile device, or application that handles RSS feeds.

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