One of the things on the backlog of things that I’ve been working to do is to put together a list of benefits for members. Here’s the thing, though: The WordPress economy is vast, so what one person can do or from what they may benefit is not going to be the same as what another person can do or benefits.

What’s to be done about that?

Regarding providing solutions for the site, the current state of memberships on this site is easy to define:

  • offer object-oriented introductions and practices,
  • practical tips for how to achieve specific tasks,
  • how to apply all the above in your day-to-day work.

But that’s not all I want it to be. In addition to all of that, I also want to provide members with access to software, courses, and more than help them get better at what it is you do on a day-to-day basis.

And that’s what today’s post is about: Finally announcing a couple of benefits for site members.

Benefits for Site Members: The First of Many

The first two benefits that are available to members are:

  1. SearchWP by Jonathan Christopher
  2. Creator Courses by Joe Casabona

Each of these benefits come with three purposes:

  1. to educate yourself on WordPress technologies,
  2. to put them to good use,
  3. and to build the most effective solutions for yourself and your customers.

But how does each one play a part in this and, the natural question, is at what cost?


For those who are unfamiliar with SearchWP, it’s – in my experience – the best WordPress search engine for WordPress. That is, it integrates with your site and allows your to tailor the algorithm and gain insight on how people are searching.

Further, it not only works with standard posts but custom post types, shortcodes, taxonomies, eCommerce data, and more

Benefits for Members: SearchWP


From the site:

SearchWP was designed and built to be both a turnkey solution and a developer’s best friend at the same time

You can read all about the features on this page. And Jonathan has been kind enough to make this available to members of this site for 30% off the purchase.

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Here’s the thing: There’s no coupon field, so you have to use this following link.


Creator Courses

Joe is the guy behind some things – the podcast of How I Built It – and is also the guy behind Creator Courses. And that’s where this membership perk comes into play.

Benefits for Members: Creator Courses

From the site:

Working on the web can be a daunting task. With the number of products, platforms, and tools, it’s hard to figure out what to use and what’s the right way to build a site. Luckily, Creator Courses has you covered.

At the time of this writing, Joe’s course on Gutenberg is the most popular course (and arguably so given that its release is imminent whether or not this is something that you’re looking to include or not).

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There’s a massive list of content that’s available all of which you can view here. Here’s the best part, though: Members of the site get 25% off of everything with the code TOMMC. You can view the page specifically for members by going here.


Are There More to Come?

There’s more to come for those of you who are members (and if you’re not, why not look and see what’s available?).

Furthermore, the goal is to make sure that the benefits provided are to help you go further, faster in your WordPress-development efforts and your WordPress-based career.

Sure, we spend a lot of time developing, but it’s also important to know when to use something out of the box, know how to use something new that’s coming to WordPress, and knowing when to leverage someone else’s solutions or when to build something ourselves.

Finally, you don’t have to bookmark this particular post as this information is on each members account page. So head over, take a look, and enjoy.

I thank these two for offering these particular partnerships (and you can do so for Jonathan and Joe via Twitter, too!). And I look forward to providing more in the future.

Remember that I'm currently writing an eBook on The Independent WordPress Developer. All of the content is available already for members.