Last year, I wrote the first type of article that I’ve written in a very long time (if ever) given the amount of time that I’ve been writing. The Most Useful (or Popular) Articles from 2022.

There was generally derived from analytics data but also I used light engagement metrics via X/Twitter, LinkedIn, and even email to determine what were considered the most useful (or popular) posts.

This dude is completely scared of the fact that the calendar is nearing the end of another year.

And given that we’re nearing the end of 2023, I thought I’d do the same this year. So, in keeping with the previous trend, here are the most useful (or popular) articles from 2023.

2023: Most Useful Articles

For the last few years, I’ve claimed that I want to write more than the year before and get back to how much I was writing in a few years prior. Truth is, I don’t know if this is possible given how much has changed since this. Work is different, life is different, and the way my day-to-day is structured is different.

It’s all great, but it’s different.

Regardless, I still urge everyone with a blog to continue doing the same and then syndicating out to the web. It helps surfacing your content in search engines, on social media – be it X/Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, whatever, – and on RSS (which is still my personal favorite).

Father Time wrapping up another blog post for the end of another year.

Anyway, these are the posts for this year. On to 2024.