Tag / Tag Sticky Post

Earlier this week, I received a following forum notification in my inbox regarding Tag Sticky Post: I’ve downloaded the plugin Tag Sticky Post that will allow me to stick posts depending on which tag I’m currently browsing in my blog. The tag that will be checked is from the post’s custom_field “tag_sticky_post”. So, if I go […]

As the release candidates of WordPress 3.5 were being release, I spent time updating my plugins to make sure they were fully compliant with the latest version. Specifically, I’ve been trying to patch any outstanding bugs and issues before working on new features. Last week, I updated both Category Sticky Post and Tag Sticky Post. […]

Yesterday, I released two plugins for WordPress – Category Sticky Post and Tag Sticky Post – both of which serve the same purpose: Allows authors to mark a post to be placed at the top of a specified archive. It’s sticky posts specifically for an archive. The only difference is that one is specifically intended […]

Tag Sticky Post for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mark a post as sticky within a specific tag archive. It works exactly like the typical sticky post functionality within WordPress, except that it’s specifically for tag archives. This means that if you have a set of articles under one tag, you can […]