As the release candidates of WordPress 3.5 were being release, I spent time updating my plugins to make sure they were fully compliant with the latest version. Specifically, I’ve been trying to patch any outstanding bugs and issues before working on new features.

Last week, I updated both Category Sticky Post and Tag Sticky Post.

Since the plugins are so similar, I’m covering updates for both plugins in this post.

What’s New?

Because both plugins serve the same purpose save for the taxonomy on which they operate, the updates are nearly identical. That said, only a single new feature has been introduced:

  • Added a function to dynamically create custom.css if the file doesn’t exist.

Since users often want to style the look and feel of their plugin to match the color scheme of their blog, this particular solution works as it conditionally introduces a stylesheet that will only be added if it doesn’t already exist.

That means that if an update occurs, a user won’t lose their styles.

Other Updates

The outstanding issues that exist that are now resolved are:

  • Updating localization files
  • Updating function calls to use updated PHP conventions
  • Verifying compatibility with WordPress 3.5

Obviously, relatively minor stuff.

What’s Up Next?

As of now, there’s nothing on the roadmap other than making sure the plugins continue to be compliant with WordPress best practices. They are narrowly scoped plugins that attempt to solve a very specific need without feature bloat.

That said, I’m always up for suggestions and comments so feel free to shoot them my way.

If you'd like to comment, please do so on the respective Category Sticky Post or Tag Sticky Post page.