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This post is the final part in a two part series. Be sure to read Part 1.At the beginning of January, I shared that I was going to give Lift App a trial for about a month, and then see how well it integrated itself into my day-to-day routine. Specifically, I had set aside four […]

I no longer use this extension. You can read a technical explanation as to why on this page.As you guys know, I like to keep a list of tools that I use on a day-to-day base to help get work done. And early last year, I shared that I was a fan of Screen Capture […]

When it comes to my phone, I’m one of those types of people who usually likes to keep a relatively clean home screen (and I even use folders in order to make sure I only have one home screen so I don’t have to swipe, but that’s fodder for an entirely other post). Of course, this […]


As much as I enjoy RSS (and the constant improvements to Feedly), it’s evident that the way in which we are sharing their content is changing. After all, RSS is primarily meant for syndication, right? But I think that more we are using social networks to share their content, and then discuss their content more than […]

Updating Old Posts

For anyone that’s maintained blog for any length of time, you’ve likely hit a point where you’ve changed the format of your blog, changed the content of your blog, changed the way you write, or simply gotten better at actually publishing content. And if any of the above are you true, it’s likely that you’ve […]

Apple Notes Icon

When it comes to taking notes, I’m a bit obsessive about it. In fact, I used to carry a notebook with me everywhere – literally – in case any kind of idea, thought, or something I forgot to do (or needed to do) struck me wherever I was. For me, it wasn’t enough to jot down […]


Earlier this year, I talked a little bit about how I deal with social media during the day-to-day. In that article, I shared that I’m a big fan of Path. In fact, I said this: Yep – I actually use Path. I know, I know, few do, right? But the thing about Path is that my […]

Bamboo Paper

For the most part, I try to keep the majority of the work that I do stored digitally. This usually includes using tools like: Dropbox SpiderOak Reminders Paper …and so on When it comes to taking notes, I’m no different. Now, I’m not 100% digital – there’s still nothing tops sketching in a moleskine or […]

Reminders For GTD

Earlier this year, I talked about how I use Things to help get things done. Since that post, a few things have changed. As I alluded to last week, I’ve been purging a lot of stuff in my online life in an attempt to greatly increase the signal to noise ratio such that I’ve really only got the […]

Hero Academy

Almost everything I share on this blog has something to do with WordPress, JavaScript, some general programming, or “how I get stuff done” content. I rarely talk about anything else other than that. But, like the rest of you guys, there are other things that I do with my day other than everything listed above. And […]

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