My Day-To-Day: Lift App, Part 1

When it comes to my phone, I’m one of those types of people who usually likes to keep a relatively clean home screen (and I even use folders in order to make sure I only have one home screen so I don’t have to swipe, but that’s fodder for an entirely other post).

Of course, this means that I keep myself relatively limited on the applications that I have installed and that I use. I’m not one for much having anything more than what I need when it comes to my phone.

Sure, I have just a small set of applications that are fun – who doesn’t? – but the majority of the applications on my phone serve a very distinct purpose for helping me get things done.

And one of the latest apps that I’ve been trying out recently is Lift App.

Granted, I’m one of those who’s willing to give each application a fair shake for about a month, so this may-or-may-not still be installed later this year, but so far, I’m really digging it.

Using Lift App Each Day

First off, Lift App claims the following:

Unlock your potential. Change your life. Lift helps you reach your goals.

Personally, I’m not one of those people who buys into the “change you life” stuff primarily because in the American culture, this is usually coupled by things that I don’t necessarily subscribe to in terms of making oneself better – that’s just me.

But, the thing about Lift is that it helps your to foster good habits which actually can, obviously, help to change your life.

The Lift App Homepage
The Lift App Homepage.

So for the next three weeks or so, I’m going to be giving this a spin with four different goals.

There’s no built-in privacy so I’m using a pseudonym for the sake of anonymity, and I’m not even really interested in the social aspects of the application; however, I’m eager to see how much it actually helps foster a few new habits.

As one of my friends put it:

If peer pressure where an app, it would be Lift.

Of course, peer pressure is a neutral term so it all depends on the kind of habits that you’re looking to adopt over the next few weeks ;).

This Won’t Work For You

As with most of the article in this series, I feel the need to share that this may not work for you – heck, it may not even work for me – but I’m willing to give almost anything a try for a few weeks, especially if it inspires self-edification.

Still, we all don’t work this way.

Anyway, two of my four main goals are:

  • Drink More Water. I used to be great about this, but I’ve taken a few steps back over the holidays. I aim for 96 oz a day and need to get back to that.
  • Unclutter. I’m becoming increasingly more interested in minimalism in offline life (bleh, a buzzword, I know), and this is a step in that direction.

So there are mine. What are yours (regardless of if you’re using Lift)?

Notice that this post is Part 1. I'll follow up with Part 2 in February.

8 Replies to “My Day-To-Day: Lift App, Part 1”

    1. The reason I put apps in folders on the home screen is:

      • To group similarly related apps (like Numbers, Keynote, and Pages), certain games (like Hero Academy, Uniwar, etc)
      • I’d rather tap on the folder then swipe to another screen to find the app. Small personal preference :)

      That said, I generally don’t have multiple screens per folder.

  1. I listened to a podcast the other day saying drinking more water can actually help you break old habits and form new ones because your body doesn’t get as distracted because it has to focus a lot of its effort on your bladder and starts shutting other things off. Seemed very odd but an interesting benefit.

  2. Seen a lot of people talking about this recently. Seem like this year is a bit of a tipping point. I’ve been using it to game my Spanish study for a while now. It can be great when people in the community share what they’ve learned as well. Love it.

  3. I’m with you on one screen and a limited number of apps. I realized the other day I don’t really try lots of new apps. I’ve got a few folders like “reading”, “listening”, etc. that include the various music and reading apps I use. Would love to see a screenshot of your home screen. Always looking for new ways to simplify.

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