WordPress resources are topics that are covered by I don’t even know how many blogs. Given any Google result, I probably couldn’t even count the number of results you’d get.

But many of us use WordPress for different reasons, right? Clearly, I use it for two primary reasons:

  1. For blogging
  2. For building products and services for other people

To that end, the resources that I find useful may not necessarily be helpful to other people who are using it for different reasons.

But if you’re someone who’s using WordPress for one of the above (or even both) reasons, then perhaps some of the resources shared here will be helpful.

WordPress Resources: Bringing Them Up Now?

I know, it seems weird. I’ve been sharing various resources for some time now. The thing is that I’m beginning to get emails about what I think is the best tool for a situation.

Honestly, it’s hard for me to gauge what I consider being the “best” tool for a particular circumstance. There are so many good utilities that are out there, and I think that personality and workflow also play into how good we may all consider something to be.

WordPress Resources

When I say resources, this isn’t exactly what I have in mind.

Nonetheless, as I continue to try to share some of the things that I’ve found, that I use, or that I think others may use, I think it may be worth sharing them if for no other reason than to raise awareness of what I’ve found.

Will I use everything I find? Doubtful. Will you? Maybe.

I don’t necessarily know what your use case is, and I don’t know what I may be working on in the future that will require something that I share.

Regardless, I want to do a better job of sharing various WordPress resources – plugins, sites, services, tools, libraries, people, etc. – that I come across and that I think are worth your time looking into using and/or following.

Typically, I try not to be too rigid about how I organize the content that I publish. I write what I write when I want to write it, and that’s that, but I thought Fridays seemed like a good time to share resources.

They are lighter weight posts, they give us time to explore the resource during the afternoon or the weekend, and it’s something that’s less intense than, say, a coding related post.

So starting next week, I’m going to see what I can do. If it’s beneficial, great. If not, I’ll stop. But let’s see how it goes.

Also, if you’ve got particular questions, requests, or general feedback at all, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I’m all ears.