All of these plugins have been adopted. Thank you for taking the time to read and for your interest! I'll have more information about the new maintainer soon.

WordPress plugin adoption is a feature of the Plugin Repository that I think is a good idea for anyone who has a plugin that they don’t want to see die, but that they don’t have the time or interest to maintain anymore.

WordPress Plugin Adoption: My Plugins

As mentioned in a previous post, there are a few things that I’m looking to focus on in 2017 and so I’m looking to lean out the short list of plugins I currently have available.

Note that I’m going to be retiring some of them (as they are going to become a larger part of that I want to do with Blogging Plugins), but the others are ones that I don’t want to see completely die as they have a decent amount of installs.

WordPress Plugin Adoption

Usually, whenever a plugin is put up for an adoption and “adopt-me” tag is added to the plugin’s list of tags and then others can peruse the repository to see if there are any that are interesting to them.

And that’s something that I may do. Before that, though, I thought I’d see if those of you who regularly read this blog are interested in adopting some of these.

Note that…

  • the codebase for some of these are quite old and may need some heavy refactoring,
  • once the plugin is yours, I’m not available to help support or give advice on it (I’m truly looking to find a good home for them so I can focus on other efforts),
  • I assume the plugin(s) being adopted will be to someone who’s familiar with how to work with the repository and the usual WordPress Plugin APIs (though there are plenty of resources to pick that up, too!)

With that said, here are the plugins I’m looking to have adopted. I’ve added relevant notes to each of them:

  1. Category Sticky Post (7,000+). Mark a post to be placed at the top of a specified category archive. It’s sticky posts specifically for categories.
  2. Comment Tweets (50+). Comment Tweets gives you the ability to take the URL of a tweet and add it to the conversation on your blog.
  3. Single Post Message (90+). Easily add short messages and announcements above posts. Displays in the RSS feed and on the blog.
  4. Tag Sticky Post (200+). Mark a post to be placed at the top of a specified tag archive. It’s sticky posts specifically for tags.
  5. Tipsy Social Icons (2,000+). Tipsy Social Icons aims to be the easiest way to include access to your social networking profiles.

Random fact: Tipsy Social Icons is the first WordPress plugin I ever wrote and I did so over a day when we were snowed in and I literally couldn’t get out of my driveway.

Note that I do have plans to do something similar for Category Sticky Post, Tag Sticky Post, and Single Post Message when it comes to Blogging Plugins.

But if this is something you’re looking to cut your plugin development teeth on or you don’t mind a little competition in the open source space, then please do consider adopting them.

If you are interested, please do the following:

  1. Use this page to contact me.
  2. Place [Plugin Adoption] in the subject line so I can filter it appropriately.
  3. Explain why you want to adopt the plugin.

I don’t necessarily want to use first-come-first-serve, but I’d like to move quickly in getting this off my plate so I’m going to set a one-week deadline on inquiries. So let me know by January 11th.

And thanks in advance – I’m looking forward to finding a good place for these plugins. 🙂