Why WordPress Boilerplates Matter

For those of who you have been reading this blog for a while (thanks, by the way), you know that I work to maintain the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate and the WordPress Widget Boilerplate along with a growing community of developers.

Despite the fact that I’ve promoted them here on the blog, called for others to get involved, and so on, I’ve never actually given a proper tutorial on how to use them to get started in your projects.

So in my lastest series on Envato, I’m making a case for why the matter and how to use them.

Specifically, the series covers the following topics:

Ultimately, the purpose of the series is to help provide a case for why a WordPress Boilerplate can help accelerate development, how to follow their conventions, and why they matter in larger developer.

This page will serve as the landing page for the series, so be sure to check back as the series is published.

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