A new version of this plugin has been released and I've made a new primary post.

View Page Template

Page Template Dashboard is a simple WordPress plugin that makes it easy to see which template each page is using without actually having to load up the post editor screen.

This particular plugin is one that I’ve been using personally during development, but have never bothered to release a proper version of it.

Obviously, it’s a simple plugin but it’s meant to save editors, authors, developers, and anyone else that spends a lot of time in WordPress a little bit of time.

Page Template Dashboard does the following:

  • Adds a new column to the ‘Pages’ listing in the WordPress dashboard that lists the column
  • Will display ‘Default’ if the page uses no template
  • Will display the user-friendly name (versus the file name) of the template
  • Will check to see if the template applied to a page exists before displaying it just in case the page template information is left over from a previous theme or plugin.
Page Template Dashboard

The Page Dashboard after the Page Template Dashboard has been activated.

The plugin is also fully localized and ready for translation as per the WordPress best practices.

You can read more information and download a copy of the plugin at the WordPress Plugin Repository.

As with all of my other projects, I’m always looking for feedback be it in the form of bug reports, issues, or suggested improvements so don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a note in the plugin’s forums.