Using Medium is something that I’ve been wavering on doing for some time now. I mean, it’s not that I don’t understand how it works or why people opt to use to it.

Using Medium: The Medium Homepage

But I like WordPress; I’m a fan of self-hosted solutions, and I’m a fan of data ownership. So why would I bother with anything else?

Granted, Medium offers the ability to export that you own so you can take it elsewhere.

That’s a plus, right?

But there are a few reasons I’ve opted to give this whole thing a try. (And no, I’m not going to be duplicating content from this site to Medium – this is something completely different).

Using Medium

One of the best ways to draw inspiration for things you can bring back to your software of choice is to see what alternatives or what competitors are doing. The writing experience when using Medium is something that almost everyone mentions.

And sure, there are other things I’m going to study and see what I like or what I don’t, but that’s not the whole point of my attempt at using Medium.

Using Medium in 2017

Using Medium in 2017

Instead, I’m planning to use it as a vehicle to cover a topic that’s been more and more interesting to me over the coming years.

My Series of Stories Published on Medium

The material and the purpose of what I’m writing is three-fold:

  1. To experiment with Medium as a platform for publishing content (I mean, I run a business built on WordPress, and I, you know, regularly write using WordPress).
  2. To see how the Medium community is in contrast to so many of the other online communities,
  3. And to use it as a vehicle for publishing content on how I aim to try to find more secure software (but more on this in a moment).

I don’t plan for any of the stories to be that long. Instead, they should be quick reads all of which are built on each other. At least that’s the plan.

But when you’re setting up for the long game, it’s worth explaining the plan, right? And that’s what this is.

Another Daily Act in Publishing?

No. Given that I write daily here, write at least once a week about productivity, business, software, and so on, as well as on Tuts+ I have no plans to write daily on Medium.

Instead, I plan to write after I’ve accumulated enough information on the topic that I wish to write.


  • They won’t be regularly scheduled.
  • There will likely be fumbles in what I opt to use (or not to use), and there are going to be statements I say that are worth exploring more from a data security standpoint. (This is where you and your experience coming into to play in the comments).
  • There are going to be things I say that are wrong and I know someone is going to correct me, and that’s a good thing.

And, as with the rest of some of the tweets I share, they’ll be shared on Twitter (versus this site). So if you’re interested, then feel free to read along.

The first story is already live. 📝