Title Capitalization for WordPress 1.1.2

A couple of weeks ago, I released the first version of Title Capitalization for WordPress. After the first version was released, I received some feedback both in the form of code reviews, issues, and some other minor updates.

In case you missed it, I released 1.1.2 to GitHub on May 4th (because you should always ship something on Star Wars day :).

Title Capitalization for WordPress

This particular update includes a number of small fixes including one that was occurring with the GitHub updater failing to show updates for the plugin.

Title Capitalization for WordPress 1.1.1

Additionally, the latest version includes all of the following changes, modifications, and updates:

  • Fixing a problem with the core plugin file that was not showing updates from the GitHub Updater
  • Updating the stable version in README.md
  • May the Fourth be with you!
  • Adding a Text Domain and the languages directory
  • Adding type-hinting to the functions specific to the classes in this plugin
  • Checking to make sure the TitleCapitalizer class does not exist before actually importing it
  • Fixing a typo in the README file
  • Fixing a typo in the main plugin file
  • Renaming the init function to run in class-title-caps-loader.php
  • Renaming class-title-caps-loader.php to class-title-capitalizer-loader.php
  • Renaming the core plugin file
  • Removing the @since tags
  • Renaming inc to includes and lib to vendor
  • Renaming the package to TitleCapitalizer
  • Updating the link to the ChangeLog so that it conforms to the GitHub Updater standards
  • Updating file-level and class-level tags
  • Updating the for loop when iterating through the content to be capitalized
  • Updating method names to be verbs (and to be more descriptive)
  • Removing debug statements
  • Modifying the call back for the post capitalization so that shortcodes are not processed.
  • Renamed ChangeLog to CHANGES file for GitHub Updater.

Obviously, there’s just a lot of small things here and there that have been resolved, but if you were previously having issues with the plugin working in conjunction with plugins, then you should be fine.

Coming Up Next…

Over the next few iterations, there are some changes I’d like to introduce such that all heading tags are matched regardless of if they have attributes or not (as of now, it only matches those with no attributes).

Additionally, I want to update the core TitleCase class so that it can be extended such that we can easily introduce new rules for capitalization based on different rules.

At any rate, this is by far the most stable version of the plugin that’s been released thus far – so if you’re a regular blogger and want to make sure that your titles and heading elements are properly capitalized, then check it out.

Feedback is always welcome.

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