I rarely – if ever – write on Saturday, but this is something short and sweet so it seems to be okay. One of the aspects of this site is that I end to write articles that vary between 700 – 1000 words (not including code).

With as much information as we’re inundated with on a daily basis, I can’t help but wonder if some of those posts are being lost in the shuffle, marked as read because of the lack of time people have (and believe me, I know we all have a lack of time), or if it’s too much to digest each day of the week.

I know that a lot of people are against the daily blogging thing, a lot of people are for it, and that’s fine with me – we’ve got our opinions and our preferences to which we’re all entitled, and we have the ability to choose what we want to read, what we don’t want to read, and when we want to read it.

To that end, the schedule at which a person blogs has never been an issue for me; however, personally, I’ve noticed that longer form articles can be a bit of a time sink when I want to read them, but don’t have the ability to do so.

So I’ve got a question for those who are willing to give some honest feedback.

Part of the way that I manage the backlog of drafts that I have for this site is by keeping notes, outlines, and potential ideas in Evernote.

Sometimes I pull from there to write a post, other times I write about whatever strikes me in the moment.

The thing that I’ve begun to notice is that there are a number of things about which I’d like to write – and they’re all still WordPress, programming, technical, and whatever-other-words you want to use related – but they tend to be much smaller posts, so I often avoid publishing them.

But then I began to look at some of my favorite blog posts – the ones that left an impact on how I performed certain tasks, how I thought about a certain issue, or simply being presented with an alternative perspective.

I’m interested in seeing if you guys are interested in seeing a new type of post. Generally the same type of content, but in a much more distilled format. This won’t be replacing the type of things that I generally publish, but it will be adding to the type of things.

So, thoughts?