Despite the fact that I don’t know how many people read this the day it’s published – or that it matters, really – I’ve almost always shared a note of thanks on Thanksgiving Day on this site for just about as long as I’ve been writing on this blog.

Why would I stop this year?

Thanksgiving 2021

Subscribers who read this blog regularly know I don’t do retrospective posts or anything like that but I don’t I try to consistently:

  1. Wish all of you, in the US or not, a great holiday (or at least a great day),
  2. And remind myself of a few things that have happened this year for which I have to be thankful.

For reasons that aren’t relevant, believe it or not when I say that 2021 has been just about a weird as 2020 but for totally different reasons. Despite that, I’m grateful for:

  • The house my family and I are building in such close proximity to other family,
  • The continued ability to keep with with friends all over the country, and the world, through technology. There’s some that I’ve had for over a decade now and I love chatting with them almost daily.
  • Working on fun problems, standards, and overall responsibilities at my new job.
  • Watching our kids continue to grow and their respective ways – be it through extracurriculars or being such as great friends to one another despite the age differences

There’s much more I could list, but you get the general idea. Friends, family, jobs, and hobbies, too, are all things for which I’m grateful for even when life is running sideways.

So if you celebrate thanksgiving, cheers; if not, it’s still cool to take a minute to be grateful for being able to take a breath regardless of your circumstance.

Now, I’m off for the next two days.