In the third episode of Yet Another Blogging Podcast, I talked about how to go about scheduling your time without completely having to readjust your schedule, get up early, stay up later, or whatever other options a lot of conventional wisdom share.

At this point, you know that nothing that I’m saying is meant to be taken as the definitive guide to blogging. In fact, I don’t believe there is one. Instead, it’s meant to be nothing more than helpful pointers for what I’ve found useful in running this blog.

With that, this is the final podcast in the series in which I talk about what it means to find your rhythm in blogging.

Episode 4 – Finding Your Rhythm

In this episode, I share how I go about setting my pace, how I opt to write in a more conversational tone, and how I continue to filter the type of posts that I write against the rest of the categories that I’ve created.

I even hit on the idea of how to generate a backlog of posts based on how approach drafting your posts.

Show Notes

  • Three points related to finding your rhythm:
    1. The Pace at Which Your Write
    2. Your Voice
    3. The Type of Posts
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Download or Listen

You can grab a copy of the MP3 here or listen in your browser in the player below. The podcast is short – it clocks in right at 7 minutes and 11 seconds, so it’s obviously been kept as concise as possible.