In the last episode of Yet Another Blogging Podcast, I shared several tips for generating and collecting ideas. Specifically, I discussed using your opinions, learning from existing projects, various material that you read, watch, or hear, and/or inspiration that you garner from other sites.

As I’ve said in the previous episodes, this isn’t meant to be the definitive guide to blogging. It’s nothing more than practical advice that I’ve found that has worked for me, and that answers a number of questions that I’ve received in previous posts and/or emails.

So, with that said, hopefully there will be something useful in this episode.

Episode 3 – Scheduling Your Time

In this episode, I share how I schedule my time for blogging. I talk about how it’s possible to use your existing time without having to get up early or stay up late, and why defining the number of times per week you’re going to blog is important.

Show Notes

  • Four points related to scheduling your existing time for blogging:
    1. Find time in your existing schedule
    2. Define a schedule for your writing
    3. And if there’s no time?
    4. My Personal Schedule
  • In the next episode, I’ll be discussing how to set a pace – or a rhythm – for your blog so that you can begin to write consistently as your readership grows.

On Feedback

If you’ve been listening to the podcasts and have any addition questions or comments, note that I’m paying attention to comments, emails, and tweets to include in future podcasts – especially the last podcast – so keep ’em coming.

Download or Listen

You can grab a copy or listen in your browser using the player below. The podcast clocks in at 13 minutes and 1 second, so I’ve tried to keep it succinct which is what I’m aiming to do for each episode in the series.