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WP Audio Player Plugin 1.4 Now Available

WP Audio Player – my plugin for easily embedding audio in your WordPress posts (and the first plugin I’ve ever open sourced on GitHub) just received a major update.

WP Audio Player

Though can read all about the updates on the plugin homepage, I thought I’d share some of the updates that went into this particular release, specifically from a developer’s perspective.

Notes For WP Audio Player 1.4

The challenges that came with updating the plugin to its current version revolved largely around the audio element, browser inconsistencies, and adding some enhancements to the user’s experience in WordPress.

The audio Element

As it stands right now, the audio element isn’t supported across all of the major browsers. Furthermore, in some browsers, such as Firefox, the MP3 codec is not supported.

This presented the problem of needing to introduce a fallback.

WP Audio Player Fallback

The standard embed player when the audio element or MP3’s are not supported.

Since not not all browser yet support the audio element, the plugin does the best it can to determine if it should fall back to a normal `embed` element.

If so, it will display the `embed` element and will then display a message as to why the responsive player doesn’t display.

Furthermore, I’ve made no effort to support anything earlier than IE10. Because of the fallback aspects of the plugin and because I want to do what I can to move the web forward, I’ve decided that – at least for this plugin – nothing earlier than IE9 will be supported.

Updates To The Dashboard

In addition to improve the cases where a user attempts to embed a file that resides on another domain, I’ve also introduced the ability for users to select MP3’s that exist in their media library.

WP Audio Player

The updated dashboard listing MP3’s in the media player.

Simply click on the file in the available list and then save your post. Clear the text box if you opt to remove the player.

I definitely thing there’s room for improvement in the usability, but since this is a free plugin and I strive for iterative development, I figure that this is one step forward.

What’s Coming?

Because the project is available on GitHub, you can easily see the features that are planned and the issues that others are having.

If you’re a developer, feel free to commit; if you’re a user, feel free to try it out and file any issues that you may see.

At any rate, this update is relatively large in terms of what it offers to end users both site visitors and site administrators. Dig any and all feedback!


  1. Georg Berg

    The selection from the media library doesn’t work but instead the name of the media lowest on the list becomes part of the URL of the permalink. How can this be fixed?

    • Tom McFarlin

      This sounds like a bug. What browser is this happening in, for you? I’ll make a note of it and see what I can do for a release soon.

      In the meantime, you’ll need manually grab the URL from the Media Library.

      Thanks for the heads up!

  2. 'Jj

    I believe I’ve just encountered a bug. Sorry if this isn’t the best place to report it. It fit the description of someone’s experience here:


  3. C Taylor

    This is odd but this doesn’t seem to work on PC’s (Internet Explorer). Looks and works great on Safari. Any ideas?

  4. Hilton

    On, a website I maintain, people have been having problems playing mp3 files from links (in the browser and not downloading). The problem is that, if they have a bad internet connection, the file will stop playing at some point. I installed your plugin and it works great, but the same connectivity issues exist for them even with your player.

    Is there a way to increase the size of the buffer on your player so when they’re streaming the file it’ll get them past any funky connectivity?

    If you want to see an example, here’s the most recent post with an audio file:

    Many thanks for your plugin. It’s very attractive, especially in Chrome!

    • Tom McFarlin


      Thanks for the link – makes diagnosing the problem much easier for me.

      So the bad news is that there’s not much I can do about the buffering right now. I’ll take a look at it and see if there’s anything I can do in the future, but this is largely at the mercy of a number of factors that are out of a developer’s control.

      That said, I do listen to all the feedback and do what I can to make these plugins the best I can :).

  5. Mister Chris

    I’ve been using your plugin for a few months now, and just noticed a problem with the new update. Trying to access the audio on posts from a mobile web browser makes it so the audio player doesn’t even appear. With older versions of the plugin, the audio player would be there and perfectly useable. Any work around for this? Thanks!

    • Tom McFarlin

      Currently there is not as it should work on all mobile devices. Looks like you may have found a bug – yikes ;).

      If you can provide me with some additional information, I’ll see if I can’t provide a fix soon:

      What browser are you using?
      What device are you using?

      Let me know – apologies for the inconvenience.

      • Mister Chris

        I’m using the newest release of the Dolphin Browser on Android 2.3, The stock Android web browser on Android 2.3, As well as IE for Windows 8 Phone. And it doesn’t appear on any of those web browsers.

        Devices were the HTC Thunderbolt and the Lumia 920.

        Thanks for working hard on this man! It’s a great plugin. Though, a different problem I’m having with it, when you’re on the homepage of my site, the audio plugin won’t show in the posts. You have to actually click the individual posts to get the audio player to show up, Not sure if that’s a bug or not, but it’s something that’s always happened with it. Thanks again! :D

        • Tom McFarlin

          Alright, thanks. I’ll make a note of this and see what I can do for a future release.

          Until then, I recommend using a previous version of the plugin.

  6. christian

    How can I disable Autoplay in the basic player? And, is there a problem with chrome or chromium? On Iron (a chromium browser) I can’t see the regular playr or the basic player.

    • Tom McFarlin

      Unfortunately, the auto-play is a feature of the browser, not the plugin, so there’s very little I can do to help.

      If there’s a problem with the plugin in Chrome, it’d be in Chromium. I only test against the most recent stable builds of Chrome.

  7. Karl Lindsay

    Hi Tom,

    Just wondering how soon we will be able to use a shortcode to put it exactly where we want it.


    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Karl,

      Since this is a free plugin, I can only work on it during my free time. Unfortunately, I don’t have an available date for you yet.

      The best I can do is “as soon as I can” which I hope to be sometime this month :).

  8. Usman Ghani

    amazing plugin. Helps me alot :). I like this plugin. thnx for your efforts

  9. Jace Darling


    I’m new to the whole blog site/website game. I recently had a different audio player installed but it wouldn’t run on some devices. So I have chosen yours for its compatibility to Apple. Sadly for the life of me I cannot seem to make it work.

    I believe the coding to be the major issue. Again, I’m really new to all of this.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Jace,

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with it!

      This is the first report that I’ve heard where it’s basically not working at all. If you can, please shoot me an email with details on exactly what you’re doing and we’ll go from there.

      Talk soon!

  10. myra

    Uploaded WP audio player and what it gives me is a link….not a neat little audio player :-( using Safari…with a m4a audio file…thank you in advance!

    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Myra,

      This is primarily designed to be used with MP3’s – can you try using and MP3 and let me know if that resolves the problem. If not, let me know and we’ll go from there.

  11. victor

    I’m using the player on my music blog and it looks great! – on desktops that is. The reason I picked this plugin is because the responsiveness.. but it doesn’t show in iOS (both chrome and safari). What could be the problem?


    • Tom McFarlin

      If you’re using WP Audio Player 1.9, then check out the latest release notes. There were some major improvements that have been released in the past two days; however, there were known issues with the player in both iOS and and in mobile Chrome.


      Disabling the auto-start in browsers that use the default embed element (rather than the responsive player).
      Introducing support for a default player for IE8
      Resolving responsive functionality issues with Firefox 18+, IE9+, Chrome, and Safari
      Making sure the player uses the mobile device’s native player for playing the audio. Will implement the responsive player when functionality for major mobile devices has been resolved.


      Moving the Firefox warning message to the admin dashboard so that it doesn’t display on the public-facing side of the site.

      I’d rather not have the plugin half-work in some devices and not other, so I made a decision to use each device’s built-in player until this issue is completely resolved.

      The responsive nature of the plugin still works for users who may resize their browser on their desktop, but I’m aiming to have this issue resolve in the next release. It’s the last major feature I want to have fixed before it hits 2.0.

  12. sinoun

    Thanks for such a great plugin!! It was working great for me, but lately it doesn’t seem to work on mobile phones. I have an iPhone 5, but also tried on iPhone 4 and Android phones. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help! I really don’t want to have to use another plugin. Here is an example link:

    • Tom McFarlin

      Heya – so I looked that plugin on your sites and it displays correctly, but it’s not actually playing the audio.

      This may have to do with the length of the audio and the time it takes to download; however, to make sure that nothing else is the issue, is this the issue that you’re talking about?

      Also, when did this stop working?

      • sinoun

        Hi Tom, thanks for responding! The player works perfect on desktops, but it doesn’t play on mobile phones. It’s possible the size of the file is too large (about 100mb), but I’ll even try to let it load for a very long time and it still doesn’t play. I’m not exactly sure when it stopped working, to be honest. Maybe a couple of months? When I first installed it late last year, it was working great on mobile phones.

        • Tom McFarlin

          Gotcha – I’ll take a look when I get back to work on the plugin.

          Thanks for reporting this, Sinoun!

          • sinoun

            What version was available late 2012? Will you be able to share that version with me? The old version was working fine. I think it’s the new version that isn’t functioning properly on mobile phones. Thanks, Tom!!

  13. Domi


    Is it possible to set the length of playback for the WP-Audio Player ?


    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Domi – not. Right now, it just uses the length of the audio file.

      • Domi

        Ok, thanks ! :-(
        Perhaps will I find some PH coding to manage this… If any idea, thanks for telling me !

  14. holger


    Im new on WP audio Player and I have installed the plugin but I have no clue what command to type to have an mp3 linked to the player?
    Can you help please?
    I tried
    but it does not work

    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Holder,

      No need to use shortcodes!

      Check out the screenshots in the plugin repository
      And read the Updates To The Dashboard in this section to see how to use it.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Benjamin

        I’m also having trouble getting this to work. I’ve tried inserting the media into my post by both inputting the url, and also just the .mp3 file. Neither worked, and I can’t find any clear instruction on how to properly use this plugin.

        • Tom McFarlin

          Hey Bejamin,

          Sorry you’re having trouble with the plugin – if you share a link to your site, I can take a quick look to see what’s up with it.

          If you’ve uploaded the file or specified a URL then the player should simply appear at the bottom of each post. If not, then there’s likely a conflict somewhere with your installation.

          Shoot me a link, I’ll take a look, and tell you what I find.

  15. Tim Cole

    Fan of the plug in. I wanted to know if there was a way to have the player auto-start? Where is that setting?
    Thank you

    • Tom McFarlin

      Currently, there isn’t but I’ll make sure to take this into consideration when working on the next version!

  16. Brian

    Hey Tom,

    I’m having issues with the plugin not working in IE10 (and IE9) compatibility mode only. Have you had this issue and is there anything I can do to solve it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Brian – this is the first I’ve heard of the issue.

      Is it only happening in compatibility mode? Either way, if you an provide me with clear re-creation steps, I’ll take a look and see what I can do.

      • Brian


        Thanks for the reply. Yes, it only happens in “compatibility mode”. Open IE then go to settings > developer tools > Browser Mode > switch to IE 9/10 compatibility mode.

        Apparently my client uses “compatibility mode”. Not sure how often people use this??

        When using this mode, the plugin does not appear on the front-end of the website.

        Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions.

        • Tom McFarlin

          Hey Brian – thanks for the updates.

          I’m going to do what I can to take a look at this as soon as I get a chance; however, right now, it looks like the second week in July is the earliest that I’m going to be able to take a deep dive into this in order to diagnose it.

          I wish it was sooner, but I’ve gotta prioritize some of my paying gigs over the free plugins :)!

  17. Aleksandra

    I have installed the plug in, but it does not show anywhere on the post. Please send video or text instructions.
    Many thanks.

    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Aleksandra,

      Development is set to resume on WP Audio Player in the next two weeks during which I’ll be sharing updates here on the blog.

      If the audio player isn’t showing on your post, this could be a result of another plugin or theme conflict, a style conflict, a browser issue, of something else.

      I’m more than happy to resolve it, but let me work on the next version first and see if it doesn’t resolve any issues.

      In the mean time, check this out and see if it doesn’t help:

      It introduces a meta box to each post page that allows you to supply the URL to any audio file and will then append the player to the end of the post. This way, you’re able to upload your media using the built in Media Uploader, and then use the provided URL to add the player to your post.

      Thanks for the comment – apologies for the delay!

  18. Dana


    Love the plug-in, better than the way PowerPress displays, however I noticed that when I navigate to one of my podcast pages on a mobile device, the player does not display properly. It just displays as a plain black bar. You can hit the black bar and it will start playing, but for new visitors who don’t know this, there is nothing that clearly displays a “Play” button.

    Any help or update for this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Dana,

      Unfortunately, that’s how it works right now. I am in the process of working on an update for the plugin that I hope to have out in a couple of weeks.

      If you can sit tight, I’ll have an announcement about that once it’s ready.

      • Dana

        Outstanding, thanks for the quick response and I look forward to the update, as it’s a great plug-in. I noticed that it displays fine on my tablets, just not on my mobile phone.


  19. KBarnes

    I created a category template file for the staff page that shows the full content.

    I used the same code for the audio category template file and I don’t get the audio player in the content, but it does show up in single post view (I’ve come back to show a screen shot of it working so I could continue trying to find a cure for this :) /

    Why could this be?

    I also can’t get the audio player to load in FireFox or Safari (most recent versions, Windows 7).

    • Tom McFarlin


      It’s supposed to only show up in a single view. Firefox won’t show the actual nice looking player because it doesn’t support MP3s. Instead, it uses it’s own version of the player.

      As far as Safari on Windows is concerned, I’ll have to make a note and see about resolving it in the next version (which I am actively working on).

  20. Kelley Chambers

    Hi there. I need to know if this player can replace the now defunct Yahoo! Web Player. Basically, it needs to automatically detect ALL of the mp3 links in a post WITHOUT having to retype all of the links. I need this because my client’s blog dates back to 2006… and it would be HELL to have to find all of the links for 100s if not 1000s of posts. Please advise.

  21. Tom Lane

    Hi Tom!

    I have just upgraded to WordPress 3.6 and unfortunately WP Audio does not work :( Any ideas on an update to support 3.6 may be out? I am in a bit of a rush and stuck without a player so sorry to ask if it is in the works!

    Also, I wonder if you know of a similar plugin that does the same job for YouTube videos? Could be a good little add-on to a future update?



    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Tom,

      Thanks for the comment – I just retired WP Audio Player because 3.6 has native support for it. Check out this post for it.

  22. pavankumar

    Hi Tom how can i use more than one .mp3 in a single page mean., is there any shortcode for to display more than one player in page plz need ur valuable reply
    thank u…..

    • Tom McFarlin


      I no longer maintain this plugin and have actually retired it. You can read all about the reasoning and workarounds for it here.

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