With the recent release of WordPress 3.6 and its built-in support for audio files, I’m opting to to halt development on WP Audio Player for WordPress plugin.

WP Audio Player For WordPress

Here’s the thing: This has nothing to do with WordPress folding something into core that was once available via plugins and putting a plugin “out of business.”

Mostly, it has to do with my personal preferences and opinion behind the core libraries used in WordPress 3.6.

An Audio Player For WordPress

First off, I’ve been a fan of John Dyer’s work for a long time. If you’ve not been following him either via Twitter, his blog, or other development resources then you’re really missing out on some good stuff.

Arguably, one of my favorite projects of his has been MediaElement.js.

MediaElement JS

The project’s been in development for several years and has only gotten better over time. To see this folded into WordPress core makes me happy so I’m happy to default to it.

Secondly, there are other projects that I have going on that are more deserving of my attention right now. And considering those two factors, I’m willing to stop my work on

So What About WP Audio Player?

I’m normally not the type to shy away from competition: In fact, I love when we have choices among different products regardless of the market in question.

But because I support MediaElement.js and John’s work, I’m happy to support it as the default audio player for WordPress; however, this doesn’t mean I want to completely abandon WP Audio Player.

So if you’re a developer and are interested in inheriting the project (it has about 32,000 downloads right now), I’m happy to hand all the source code over to you, remove it from my account, and let you manage it.

If you’re interested, simply contact me. First come, first serve.