Products, Services, Blogging, and WordPress with Matt Medeiros

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to chat with Matt Medeiros [once again] about various topics related to WordPress.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Matt for several years now, got a chance to hang with him at WordCamp US 2016, and continue to chat with him (when he’s not #medeirosing) both on podcasts and via other channels.

Yup – it’s one of those cases where you meet someone on Twitter, and they become friends. That does happen, you know.

But I digress.

Instead, how about some more fun (or at least more interesting) things?

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The WordPress Economy, Employment, Strategies, and More with WP-Tonic

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking with John Locke and Jonathan Denwood on WP-Tonic to talk about a variety of things regarding the WordPress economy, self-employment, development strategies, observations around the software, along with a variety of other topics.

The WordPress Economy, Employment, Development, and More

Before covering what it is that we covered, I do recommend checking out their library of podcasts.

They’ve talked to people who I think are worth a follow and who are far smarter, accomplished, and have unique insight on a variety of topics in the WordPress space.

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Yet Another Blogging Podcast

Introducing A Podcast About Blogging

Though I’m not planning to venture into doing any type of video blogging on discussing WordPress, there were a number of comments that I received on both of those posts as well as my post on three things I’ve learned from blogging that posed several interesting questions:

  • “I was hoping you could explain how you made that step and perhaps even give as an insight into your process.”
  • “Things like how you collect post ideas, how much time you spend writing, how difficult it was to get to and maintain this writing schedule and how much it has helped your career.”
  • “How much time you spend writing vs. “doing real work” (development)?”
  • “Do you even put aside your developer’s hat for a while and do nothing but write?”
  • “It’s very difficult to find things worth writing about and to continue despite little to no positive reinforcement.”
  • “Where do you find inspiration from to write? Do you browse any sites like Quora or Stack Overflow to get a sense of what’s popular, etc?”

After giving this some thought, I’ve decided to run a miniseries – for lack of a better term – of podcasts that talk about blogging, what I’ve learned from doing it, my process, and a couple of other tips I have for both aspiring and budding bloggers.

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