This form is for members to ask questions that they’d like to hear featured on a podcast that I’m going to be producing.

It’s experimental. Thus it’s only open to members right now. Should the idea of the podcast prove itself, then I may open it to others.

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Please provide at last your first name, Twitter handle, or however you'd like to be addressed (though note that there's an option for me to completely keep the question anonymous and I'm more than happy to do that).
If checked, your name nor any identifying information will be used in the podcast.
Ask anything about self-employment, WordPress development, blogging, or anything even tangentially related. I'm also open to other topics that I've discussed on my blog such as fitness, working from home and more. Nothing is off the table.


Thanks for submitting your question! I’ll be sure to read, and every one of them and likely answer them on the podcast.