Must Read WordPress Articles 3

On Christmas Eve of last year, I started this whole thing of sharing a list of articles that I think are must reads for anyone involved in WordPress. Ultimately, I ended up publishing the first two on US holidays.

And since today is a holiday in the US, I thought why not continue the trend?

Must Read WordPress Articles
Eventually, the list of articles is going to start looking like this.

In this post, I’ve got a small set of WordPress articles I think anyone involved in WordPress should read as well as a couple of bonus links for those who are involved in the PHP community at large.

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Must Read WordPress Articles 2

About a week ago, I shared a round up of posts that I thought made for some good reading during the downtime the holidays inevitably bring.


I also mentioned that I have a tendency to throw things into Pocket and leave them there until I have time to read them on my own. Whenever I come across a handful of really good WordPress articles, I’ve been saving them until I have enough to share here on the site.

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Must Read WordPress Articles

During the holidays, most of us slow down a bit from what we’re used to doing every day so that we can actually hang out with friends and family or so that we can catch up on something we’ve waited a long time to do.

You know, like reading or a playing a game or something like that.


One of the things that I have a habit of doing is throwing a ton of content into Pocket and then planning to read it when I actually have time.

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