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Easily Install phpDocumentor Alongside MAMP Pro

In previous posts, I’ve talked about the WordPress Coding Standards, and the importance of documenting your code, but I’ve not actually spent a lot of time discussing how easy it is to actually generate documentation for your themes.

And by documentation, I mean an actual site that provides your DocBlocks such in a clean and organized fashion – you know, sites that are generated by tools like phpDocumentor.

phpDocumentor Example

An example of a site generated by phpDocumentor.

In other posts, I’ve mentioned that I use MAMP Pro for part of my development stack, so if you’re looking for steps to install phpDocumentor, it’s actually really easy to do.

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How To Enable SSL in MAMP

In my developer toolbox post, I’ve covered that I prefer to use to MAMP for local development. For the most part, the default settings (or some variation thereof) work just fine; however, if you end up needing to do some work on a secure site, then you’ll need enable SSL in MAMP.

On production-level servers, you’ll need to have purchased an SSL certificate; however, MAMP makes it trivially easy to setup a certificate in your development environment.

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How To Use Sequel Pro with MAMP For Local Development

For those of you who have read my previous blog posts, you know that my local development environment consistents of using MAMP for Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

Though I’m not particularly hardcore about any given IDE, I’ve been using Coda 2 since it was released and have enjoyed it especially because of its integrated database environment.

But with the need to work with several other remote databases outside the context of an IDE, and the recent release of Sequel Pro 1.0, I thought it may be useful to share how I’ve also been using Sequel Pro with MAMP.

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PHPUnit, WordPress, and MAMP

I’ve begun using PHPUnit, WordPress, and MAMP to introduce unit testing to my theme and plugin development. Obviously, this requires an installation of PHPUnit and the WordPress testing framework. Because I use MAMP for local development, I had to do some additional customization to get the frameworks setup.

Here are the steps necessary to install PHPUnit and the WordPress Tests on Mac OS X using MAMP:

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