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Single Post Message For WordPress

Single Post Message For WordPress

Single Post Message For WordPress is a plugin for easily adding short messages in the top of your posts and displaying them in both the browser and in RSS feeds.

I started working on this plugin a couple of weeks ago and have been dogfooding it throughout development – here’s an example of the plugin in action.

Generally speaking, the plugin came out of a need for me to place short notes above post content and I wanted it to look the same in both the browser as well as RSS feeds.

It’s a simple plugin, but here’s what it offers:

  • The post message editor is added directly under the post content editor on the Add New Post and the Edit Post pages
  • A live preview of how the message will look to your readers
  • Support for HTML tags
  • Full localization for international languages

Over time, I’d love to include additional features specifically for bloggers who find this useful, but this is a strong 1.0: it includes only the base functionality and nothing more.

You can install it from the plugin’s page of your WordPress dashboard or get more information, view screenshots, and download the plugin from the official Single Post Message page.

For those that are interested, I also shared a few notes on my development process for this plugin.


  1. Eric Williams

    Hey Tom,

    Love this plugin! A simple solution, simply coded. Great job!

    I do have two questions:

    1. I have the plugin active and am trying to style it for better visual with my site. I tried editing the “single-post-message/css/admin.css” but when I click on that file, it is showing inactive within the wordpress plugin editor screen. I’m only wanting to change the colors and fonts. (I’m a newbie to this sort of thing)

    2. Is there a way to have this show up at the bottom of posts? I would love to use it for more of a “p.s.” for my readers.

    Thanks for the help.

    • tommcfarlin

      Edit the plugin.css instead and you should be good to go.

      In a future version, I’m thinking of including a custom.css file specifically for this use case.

      Let me know if you need anything else!

      • Eric Williams

        hmm? I can’t seem to find the plugin.css file? Am I able to access this through the WP dashboard?

        And… any guidance on moving this to the bottom of the post?


        • tommcfarlin

          Hey Eric,

          You’d have to access the plugin.css file via FTP.

          I can help provide some guidance for moving the notification to the bottom of the post, but it’ll have to be by email and it will actually break with any future updates to the plugin as it’ll overwrite your changes.

          Shoot me a note if you’re still interested!

  2. The One True b!X

    This is so close to something I’ve wanted for a very long time, even pre-dating my switch to WordPress from MT, many years ago now. Any way for the Message to have its own date/time stamp, and to be able to add more than one Message to a post? I’ve been trying for years to find a plugin that would let me update stories I post and have those updates be their own objects with their own timestamps, rather than manually adding updates to the bottom of the post and telling readers to trust me on how I timestamp them.

    • tommcfarlin


      Unfortunately, this particular feature isn’t on the roadmap for this plugin. I do offer custom development so if you’re interesting me in creating a custom version of this plugin for you, let me know!

  3. George F ONeill

    Looks like a great option but its not exactly what I’m looking for… I was wondering if you had any ideas…

    When I add a new item to my site, say a new album of pics and I want my viewers to be aware of them when they are on my home page… is there a plug in that you know of that would fill this function?…

    I’m thinking along the lines of a flashing button or a way to highlight the “Photos” button on the home page to draw their attention.

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