This episode published a little later than usual because of Spring Break, covers one of my favorite topics: code reviews.

Podcast Episode 4: Code Reviews

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This episode features a multi-part answer for a multi-part question along with some info about WordCamp Atlanta and WordSesh.

Code Reviews

Here are the show notes for the episode:

  1. What’s Up?
    1. I talk a bit about what my family and I did on Spring Break. Specifically, I share that a couple of weeks ago, I went on a trip to Tupelo, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee to see where rock and roll started.
    2. I’m currently taking some time off of social media, and I give a few reasons why this has become something I do each year.
    3. I’m going to be participating in WordCamp Atlanta, and WordSesh is coming up – I’ve got something exclusive for listenings so don’t forget to check it out.
  2. Work in WordPress
    1. I’ve recently begun working as a senior backend engineer for WebDevStudios while maintaining work for Pressware. I talk about the work I’m doing (and some of the how behind it).
  3. Questions
    1. I answer the following: I noticed that you and some other WordPress developers tweet about code review of each other code. I’m interesting are you working as freelancers on the same project or different one? Are you asking each other to check your code or it’s a requirement from the client? Who is paying for code review?
      1. In the answer, I touch on joking around with friends, the differences in having fun versus the business-side of it, why code reviews are important, coding standards, various teams, and why you should never seriously chastise anyone looking for code (after all, we all write code that could be improved).
  4. Next Time
    1. Another note about WordSesh and how you can follow previous episodes and how to submit questions to the podcast.

As with all episodes, I appreciate everyone who listens whether it’s your fourth episode or your first episode.

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