This is the third episode of the podcast and, as you can tell by the title of the show notes, this is a bit of a milestone. At least, it’s considered as such for movies and books.

For podcasts, I don’t know. For this one, sure. Why not?

Episode 3 - It's a Trilogy

If you subscribe to this using one of the various services on which it’s available, you may have already listened to it. If not, then consider it ready for you whenever you’re ready to listen to it.

I’m still working on the format of the show to try to make it as focused as possible so I’ve adjusted the order of material a bit again (and dropped a segment out).

This leaves time for more than one question as well as more detailed answers.

To that end, I think this episode is one of the strongest thus far. But that’s really your call, isn’t it?

It’s a Trilogy

In keeping consistent with the notes of previous episodes, here’s what you can expect when listening (or what you can refer to after you’ve heard the episode):

  1. Adjusting the format. Again. I’m dropping personal ranting on various topics and, instead, am jumping right into questions since it’s the most import. Anything extra will be tagged at the end.
  2. Questions.
    1. What do you recommend in terms of design patterns when writing WordPress plugins?
      1. I don’t talk about classical design patterns as laid out by the Gang of Four. Instead, I talk a bit more about the patterns I use that include Subscribers, Repositories, Utilities, Models, Views, etc.
    2. What does your music playlist look like a typically productive day?
      1. This is broken down between the type of work I’m doing be it writing or programming. I talk about classic rock, various other forms of rock and roll, classical music, soundtracks, and ambient music.
  3. A final, short word about time management. A short discussion on do not disturb and screen time and how you can use gamification of how much you’re using your device.

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Where to Listen

I’ve still got questions in a queue for another episode so I’m looking forward to getting it out later this month. With that, though, I’d appreciate a review or rating on any of the services you use.

As for now, here’s to three more episodes.