One of the biggest things I’ve learned since trying out this whole podcasting thing (the second episode should be out next week, for those waiting with bated breath 🙃) is that achieving whatever arbitrary level of perfection before releasing something is hard.

Practical WordPress Development Podcast

You’d like I’d know this after so long in working in this field, right?

But there are several lessons on launching that I am trying to keep in mind especially as I’m working to get a few other projects off the ground all the while working in my day job.

Three Quick Lessons On Launching

1. Stop Aiming For Perfection

First, the idea of perfection is silly. Nothing’s perfect and never will be.

Lessons Learned: Perfection

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This doesn’t mean that shipping something that’s tilted more towards pathetic and broken is better, but shipping something with a higher degree of quality than shipping nothing is better.

2. Compounding Interest

Secondly, incremental improvements over time go a long way. This isn’t new, and it’s the same idea behind compound interesting or dollar-cost averaging.

Lessons Learned: Incremental Improvements

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Making incremental developments, improvements, changes, or whatever it is that you’re working on (be it a project or learning to play an interest) is going to pay dividends over time.

3. Accountability Works

Third, having people around to hold you accountable does wonder as it relates to getting something produced. The last thing many of us want to do is disappoint our friends.

Lessons Learned: Accountability

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And although not doing something isn’t necessarily disappointing in, say, if you did something bad in a relationship, it still means you have to admit that you didn’t do something you said you were going to do.

There’s a strong psychological effect this produces.

Not Your Typical Post

This isn’t a typical post. But there’s a good reason for that, and perhaps it’s a good idea to explain why:

  • I’m working on converting some of the membership content into an eBook (I’m working on code samples for this now),
  • I’m trying to produce a podcast that yields value for those who are interested in the topics at hand,
  • I’m writing seriously long form, involved content around refactoring the WordPress Widget Boilerplate,
  • I want to revamp the quality of the membership landing pages and profile pages (because let’s admit it, they are bad),
  • I’m working with a team to develop a REST API for an iOS app that’s proving to be a lot of fun but taking an entirely different approach than what many of us may be used to in WordPress,
  • And I am continuing to work on enough plugins to stock the proverbial shelves of Blogging Plugins.

I’m making progress on all fronts, which is good, but if I let myself get in my way, I’m never going to do any of this.

So here’s to getting stuff shipped and getting stuff published. I appreciate all that hold me accountable – and you should know who you are – all the while I’m working to continue to focus on Pressware (which is the core of what I do; it’s either my bread and butter or it provides my bread and butter 😄).


The point of all of this is no matter how much you’re working on something, try to get it to the point that’s good enough, hit publish or record or whatever that launch button is, then iterate constantly.

Otherwise, nothing may see the light of day.