Native WordPress Debugging Tools That Don’t Require an IDE Let's look at some native debugging tools before looking at more advanced utilities.

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As we prepare to move into talking about more advanced topics such as debugging and IDEs, it’s first worth noting the tools we have tools available that we can install within WordPress that will help us with debugging issues during development.

Native WordPress Debugging Tools: WordPress

Further, these issues are not related to strictly PHP issues. These also include JavaScript issues. And to take it one step further, there are ways in which we can configure WordPress natively so that it outputs errors directly to our browser.

So before we look into error logs, IDEs, Xdebug, and so on, we’ll take a look at what we can do within WordPress itself.

Native WordPress Debugging Tools

The native WordPress debugging tools are a combination of two things:

  1. the options we can set in the WordPress configuration file that allow us to see information written to screen,
  2. several plugins that will help us to work with PHP and JavaScript files from within the WordPress administration area

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