In one of the most recent issues of The Repository (which is a worth a subscribe), I said that one of the Twitter account I recommend following is @mattmedeiros. And though he and I never see eye to eye on anything 😏, I said:

I really like what [Matt’s] doing with The WP Minute. I think his commentary, perspective on business and the WordPress economy, and the type of journalism he’s doing is different from many others.

And I meant it.

As he’s working to grow the type of news that he’s covering, he’s also getting back to something that I think that’s either been missing, fragmented, or missing because it’s fragmented too much across the various ways we’re sharing information: WordPress tutorials.

Multiple User Metadata Queries

In the first attempt at doing this, I contributed to the article writing specifically about:

  • why we need to remember to certain APIs on the backend of WordPress
  • how this contributes to headless WordPress and ultimately the decoupling brought forth with the Block Editor,
  • and how to achieve something practical all the way through.

And I do this while talking about Working with Multiple User Metadata Queries.

Specifically, the article covers a handful of hooks that are useful for manipulating the All Users page and then talks about how we can take advantage of metadata to restructure how the page orders its users.

Further, there’s a case to be made for doing this as a REST API implementation such that it can be applied in a headless application, too.

Regardless, if you’re curious to learn more about how to work with user metadata queries, then be sure to check out the article and/or subscribe to the newsletter.