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Working with Multiple User Metadata Queries

In one of the most recent issues of The Repository (which is a worth a subscribe), I said that one of the Twitter account I recommend following is @mattmedeiros. And though he and I never see eye to eye on anything 😏, I said:

I really like what [Matt’s] doing with The WP Minute. I think his commentary, perspective on business and the WordPress economy, and the type of journalism he’s doing is different from many others.

And I meant it.

As he’s working to grow the type of news that he’s covering, he’s also getting back to something that I think that’s either been missing, fragmented, or missing because it’s fragmented too much across the various ways we’re sharing information: WordPress tutorials.

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I made a goal for myself in January 2020 to stop using Google products by the end of the year. That might sound like way too generous a timeline, but Google owned pretty much all of my data at that point, so it was a fairly large project. Plus I’m a slow and steady kind of person. I know if I give myself a generous enough timeline I can accomplish even things that seem too hard for me at first.

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