Earlier this week, Tony Crockford sent the following tweet about the whole membership site thing:

Given that this is new territory and that it’s something I know requires a bit of decision-making when trying to determine if it’s worth the money, I thought it at least worth sharing some of the topics that are in the process of being drafted.

Membership Content

A lot of sites that offer memberships tend to do so from the point of ground-zero and then building up from there. For example:

  • The basics of object-oriented programming,
  • Object-oriented design patterns,
  • Object-oriented programming in the context of WordPress

I still plan to do something like that with a few topics, but there are also plans to cover things in a bit more detail that are more or less self-contained series.

Membership Content: Ready To Sign Up

Some of the current things I’m planning are:

  • Setting up a development environment using tools to help improve code quality (before it gets to staging),
  • A perspective on why using a certain type of coding standard versus another can be good depending on the project,
  • Longer articles (or series of articles) on how to achieve certain things within WordPress,
  • Viewing WordPress as a foundation for applications rather than just website or simple plugins,
  • A few articles on blogging regularly (the why, the how, and so on),
  • And more.

Hopefully, this will gives a bit more insight as to the pipeline of content. Of course, I’m always available via Twitter or email to answer any questions about this, as well.

A Bit More Reading

And for a little more reading, I’ve already shared my first post in a series for members, and I have a few others about this both here and here.

Regardless, I also know this building a backlog of content is important for things like this so waiting until the future for this kind of work is something I think is important both to see if it will truly help you become a better developer.

And that goes from an OOP standpoint and a WordPress standpoint.