There’s a portion of the WordPress development community who want to be able to manage their source code outside of Subversion but still send their code from GitHub to

Granted, some great strides have been made in this area. Just this week, WP Tavern reported that we can now submit pull requests from GitHub to WordPress Core.

But what if you’re a theme developer or a plugin developer (or both), and you’re looking for a way to manage your code on GitHub but still take advantage of the resources offered in the repositories?

You’re stuck between choosing Subversion, choosing GitHub, managing two repositories, or figuring out a way to sync them. And in the latter case, that’s exactly what the following script does.

GitHub to

In this instance, check out Mike Jolley’s GitHub To WordPress deploy script:

From GitHub to WordPress

Mike minces no words in describing the motivation behind his script:

We all know releasing plugins can be quite a chore, and deep down we all loath SVN so here is a neat little script for automating the process as much as possible.

The truth is that managing the same project in multiple repositories and keeping them in sync can be a pain (and I’m speaking from experience). So seeing something like this is sharp.

If that’s not enough, Mike provides an animated GIF (a seriously one, at that!) of what the process looks like when you’re using it:

GitHub to WordPress Demo

Looks slick, right?

Regardless of if you opt to use it or not, I still highly recommend following Mike on Twitter and his blog. He’s a great developer and releases some really stellar stuff that I always find interesting and worth following.

And if you do opt to use it, then I still recommend following Mike for all of the reasons listed above.