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From GitHub to

There’s a portion of the WordPress development community who want to be able to manage their source code outside of Subversion but still send their code from GitHub to

Granted, some great strides have been made in this area. Just this week, WP Tavern reported that we can now submit pull requests from GitHub to WordPress Core.

But what if you’re a theme developer or a plugin developer (or both), and you’re looking for a way to manage your code on GitHub but still take advantage of the resources offered in the repositories?

You’re stuck between choosing Subversion, choosing GitHub, managing two repositories, or figuring out a way to sync them. And in the latter case, that’s exactly what the following script does.

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Using Gists for to Share WordPress Code

When I first started this blog (and actually on other prior blogs), I used various syntax highlighter plugins in order to handle rendering source code.

Though there’s something to be said for the various options that are available, I’ve been using Gists for the last several months. And though they don’t render in RSS readers – something I’ll discuss more in a bit – the more I believe that they are a better alternative than some of the plugins that are available.

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