A couple of days ago, John O’Nolan who’s the guy leading the team behind Ghost shared the following tweet:

Amazing WordPress Jobs: Ghost

I quoted the tweet to give context to the following question:

This is a legitimately honest and unloaded question: How many companies built on WordPress have job postings like this?

I can think of *maybe* 5 off the top of my head, but I’m curious about what’s out there now.

At the time of this writing, I’ve received next-to-nil on responses, so I thought it might be worth sharing a few thoughts about it here.

Amazing WordPress Jobs?

There are several reasons for asking all of which I’ll list below, but the short of it is simple:

I’m not exaggerating when I say that there may be five companies off of the top of my head that I can think of when it comes to working in the WordPress-space who offer something even remotely close to a job posting like this.

Why is that, though?

Given that WordPress has such a far reach and has amassed such a large market share of the web, shouldn’t there be more amazing WordPress job postings?

There are a few other observations around this, too. These are more-or-less off the cuff musings than anything, but what I felt worth sharing nonetheless.

The Community As a Whole

The WordPress community is incredibly and intensely passionate about those who are considered to be part of it regardless of how they are a part of it. I’ve seen amazing things happen within it and it’s truly impressive. There’s a difference, though, in how a business operates and what it offers to its employees versus what a community can do when it comes together.

Perhaps a good analogy is how there are local shops in a county versus what a county can do for the citizens when it’s together. Maybe, then, it’s a moot point, but if a community is so full of this kind of intensity with this kind of market share, why is it so hard to find positions with perks like this?

I have my thoughts on it like anyone else, but isn’t the question worth asking?

On Presenting a Position

The job posting is very reminiscent of how Basecamp does their thing. I’m a fan of that. A lot of people are, and they emulate it because why would we not emulate something good, right?

Amazing WordPress Jobs: Basecamp

You don’t want to present yourself in any way but the best. And being able to back it up is fantastic.

What About Me?

I know that I say this full-well that I am running my shop. But I also recognize that I’m not in the same space or oriented in the same way as Ghost or other larger companies built around and on WordPress (who are the usual suspects that you likely already think of). I believe, is an important distinction to make.

And You?

With all of that said and shared, I’m curious to know if you know of any. I’d appreciate any responses or examples in a reply on Twitter, so I can share ’em.