For the most part, I’m convinced that the last thing that anyone wants or needs is more email; however, I’ve also noticed that there appear to be now, more than ever, various newsletters and emails being sent out monthly, biweekly, or weekly covering a variety of topics:

And the difference that these newsletters and/or emails have is that they are 100% opt-in. That is, they ask permission (that is, the opportunity for you to opt-in) to send you email, whereas other services as for forgiveness (with the opportunity to unsubscribe) for sending you email.

So one thing I’m considering is introducing a weekly digest of sorts for the articles covered on this blog, but I genuinely want some feedback on this idea before pursuing it.

A Weekly Digest of What?

Right now, we allow ourselves to be inundated with more information than we can handle.

Yes, it’s by choice, but between all of the various social networks, long-form news articles, blogs, and so on, there’s more information sent out in a day (let alone a couple of hours) than we can actually manage or process.

And sure, we all use RSS until it backs up to a certain point after which we end up calling for bankruptcy. There are also terrific web and mobile apps like Pocket that make it much easier to save our longer form articles for later reading.

But what about those blog posts that we’d like to read, that we end up keeping it in RSS to read, that get lost in the ‘Mark All As Read’ shuffle, and that we end up losing?

To that end, I’m personally a fan of the weekly newsletters provided by some of the mentioned above, and I’m curious as to if that’s something that those of you regular reader’s would be interested in having for this blog?

Reader's Digest

Perhaps it will even include amazing cover images from the 90’s!

The gist of the idea is simple:

  • Every Saturday morning, I’d send out an email that would contain the title (and links) to the posts that I published during the week
  • Each title would be supported by the support meta description so you can opt to click-thru and read the post or not

Easy enough. Of course, I’m only interested in doing this if you guys are interested in having one less RSS subscription in exchange for one more email each week.

So, seriously, let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below: do you want it, or not, and why?