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A WordPress Upgrade Doesn’t Break Your Site

WordPress 4.4 was released last week and there’s no reason for me to cover all the information about it. You can read all about it on: – Post Status – WP Tavern – As with any WordPress upgrade, there comes the commentary that: The latest WordPress upgrade broke my site. And I […]

How To Level Up Your WordPress Development Skills

[…] hanging out with a number of different people at the conference at the after party. All-in-all, it was a great weekend. I gave my talk, Level Up Your WordPress Development Skills, on Saturday morning at 9am. Though the talk was filmed, I’m not sure when it will be online, so I’ve shared both my slides and […]

My Thoughts on Building Web Applications with WordPress

I’ve talked quite a bit about my thoughts on using WordPress for web application development. Specifically, I’ve shared: WordPress For Application Development Why WordPress Isn’t Viewed As An Application Framework During the State of the Word 2012, Matt discussed the past, present, and future of WordPress which included WordPress being an “app engine” of sorts. […]

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