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Earlier this month, I mentioned that I was looking to bring the WordPress Widget Boilerplate and the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate to 1.0. Throughout the month, I received a several pull requests most of which I merged into the projects. I made a few changes that I’ll detail momentarily, but as of right now both WordPress […]

In the same way that I’ve been working on the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate, I’ve never really done a good job of handling versioning. I’ve simply closed tickets as they’ve been opened and I’ve resolved issues as I – or others – have encountered them. Next month, I’m hoping to officially tag it and the WordPress […]

Over the last few months, the WordPress Widget Boilerplate has received a number of pull requests, merges, and improvements.

A few months ago, I contributed an article to WPTuts on¬†Writing Maintainable WordPress Widgets. The motivation for this series was driven largely by the fact that as much as I love the WordPress community, there are more than a few poorly constructed plugins. In some cases, this is fine. If you’re planning to quickly throw […]