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One of the nicest things about Twitter is being able to curate who you want to follow, listen to, and engage with as far as your interests are concerned. Truth be told, I wouldn’t know half the people that I saw at WordCamp or that I’ve done interviews or hangouts with were it not for first meeting them on Twitter.

On top of that, being able to answer other people’s questions, chat with others who are far more experienced or who offer alternative ideas, or who provide useful resources is an big plus.

No complaints on something like that, right?

Case in point: Paul Underwood is someone that’s often sharing a lot of great material – not long ago, he shared a great post on a number of useful WordPress utility functions.

WordPress Utility Functions

WordPress Utility Functions

In his post, Paul shares that:

These utility functions can be used in any of the plugins or themes you create within WordPress. Some of these functions you may not of heard of, some of them you might of seen in other WordPress tutorials. Hopefully you will see that next time you need to do a common piece of code in your development, first check if it already exists in WordPress.

He then goes on to cover functions related to the following topics:

  • Form helper functions
  • Join File Paths
  • Check if a path is absolute
  • How to create recursive directory
  • Getting a unique filename
  • Check if a user is using mobile
  • Encoding an email address
  • Sanitizing titles
  • …and many, many more.

I mention a link to his site here because it’s something that I want to have for reference, and because I think it ‘s something worth sharing especially for other WordPress developers.

Anyway, be sure to check out the page and add a comment (or several) if you’ve got utility functions to add of your own.