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Backing Up WordPress To Dropbox

There are a lot of services out there that provide stellar experiences as it relates to backing up your WordPress installation, but one plugin I’ve always been fond of is WordPress To Dropbox.

In short, the plugin is a free plugin with a couple of premium upsells one of which I have found to be completely worth the purchase.

Additionally, this is one way that you can keep costs low for backing up your site if you aren’t able to pay for some of the premium services or if you’re already paying a pretty penny for Dropbox.

WordPress To Dropbox

WordPress To Dropbox

I’ve been using WordPress Backup To Dropbox since it first came out and have been incredibly happy with it.

And over the past several months (or year, I honestly can’t remember), the quality, featureset, and premium upsells have gotten all the better.

In short, here’s my setup:

  • I only backup the `wp-content` folder
  • I purchase the premium “Zip Backup” which also includes a zip archive of the site and the database prior to uploading to Dropbox. It costs all of $19.

On top of that, you’re able to see a full log of the activity from within your WordPress dashboard as well as checkout the same log in your Dropbox directory.

Finally, for those who are curious and like to keep their Dropbox directory organized, this plugin will add itself to the standardized “Apps” directory – just like other Dropbox-based apps – where you can customize where the zip archive is placed.

But There’s One Hang Up!

I’ve recommended this plugin to a few friends, but the sad news is that a couple of them – one in specific who has an exceptionally large blog – has had a problem with the plugin hanging at 99% and never actually completing the backup.

This is the first I’ve personally heard of it and likely a one off that I assume the developer will have fixed in the next update.

But still, if you have a relatively small or even something up to a moderately large blog, I still highly recommend this plugin.

Saves cash and keeps your data on your machine. Not bad.


  1. Demian Seiler

    I have actually been looking for something exactly like this! Nice share Tom, thanks.

  2. John Saddington

    hopefully i’ll get some support and it’ll work.

  3. Brian Sparks

    I’ve been using InfiniteWp for a while. They’ve had some small hiccups at the beginning but seem to have all the bugs worked out. It really helps when dealing with a ton of wordpress sites.

    • Tom McFarlin

      I’ve heard good things about them, as well – and you’re right, I dunno how well this particular solution would work given a set of sets versus a one-off.

  4. Adam shields

    I used it for a while and after a month it had never gotten past 74%. But just as important. It seems to have been responsible for my host threatening to kick me off for using to many resources. I deleted it and the resource point I am allocated from my host dropped by almost 40 percent.

    • Tom McFarlin

      I’m gonna have to keep tabs on this then. I haven’t hit any hiccups with it and it’s working fine, but I’m also just keeping a single backup and having it delete the previous days with each backup.

      What were your settings?

      • Adam Shields

        I think I had it set to keep a month. But I am most sure.

  5. Japh

    I love this plugin. Had been using it on several sites prior to switching to InfiniteWP with a combination of Dropbox and Amazon S3 backups.

    I had an issue initially… can’t recall it now, so long ago, but the support I got from Michael was excellent and resolved the issue.

    • Tom McFarlin

      I need to provide a short update to this post because it can zap resources if you have a larger blog and/or set it to schedule backups too frequently.

  6. Helen Magner

    Installed plugin after reading your post. Process took nearly 2 hours and stopped at 99/. Does it take that long each time? I’m an amateur blogger bu don’t want to lose my work.

    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Helen,

      Unfortunately, this has been a problem that I’ve seen as well, though I didn’t see it consistently.

      You won’t mess anything up by canceling the backup or anything like that, but I would recommend contacting the developer letting him know you’re experiencing it as I’m sure he’ll get it resolved.

      Either way, if you run into that problem, cancel or stop the process, then kick it off later in the day (perhaps late at night when there’s less traffic happening on the blog?).

      Hope this helps!

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