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The Most Exhaustive Set of WordPress Test Data

One of the toughest things about building products for WordPress is making sure that you exhaustively test every single nuance of your theme.

Aside from things like post, pages, images, and headings, it includes, widgets, menus, non-breaking test, threaded comments, and so on.

At WordCamp Atlanta, Michael Novotny – the guy responsible for running QA at 8BIT – released WP Test arguably the best tests for WordPress.

WordPress Test Data

WP Test

In short, WP Test is a set of exhaustive test data to help evaluate the quality of both your plugins and your themes. It’s the same set of test cases that we use at 8BIT, though the project is maintained by Michael on GitHub.

Ultimately, we’d love to contribute this back to the WordPress Development Community, but are always open to contributions from others. So please be sure to check it out, open some issues, and create some pull requests.

I’d love to see this thing grow to be the definitive set of WordPress test data.

But if you’ve got questions or comments about this project feel free to open an issue or leave ’em in the comments.


  1. Matt

    This is fantastic, all the other test data out there is severely outdated, until now that is.

  2. Mike Schinkel

    You know what I’d like to see? Test data set for all the e-commerce packages, and any of unique data set like Event Manager Pro, etc.

    • Michael Novotny

      Mike Schinkel : :

      I am trying to keep the test data around core WordPress features as much as possible. I am making very few exceptions to that decision, such as Jetpack, because it is as core as non-core can be and it is widely used for its feature set.

      That is not to say that your idea is bad in any way! I actually think it is a good idea. Perhaps there could be branches or supersets of test data that you could import in addition to the core test data.

      All good things to think about… Thanks for sharing!

      • Mike Schinkel

        Hey @Michael,

        Thanks for the follow up.

        I certainly understand the desire to create a defined scope and know how much work it would be to get data from other source.

        That said, here’s something for the future: Test data for a WordPress site is really easy to come by but test data for less widely-used plugins is much harder to come by. So if you have hard to find test day people will search for it and likely find your site. OTOH if all you have is WordPress Core+JetPack data most people might not think to even search for it.

        Just something to consider…

        • Tom McFarlin

          Test data for less widely-used plugins is much harder to come by.

          Curious: what do you consider a less widely-used plugins, and if it’s less widely used, then what’s the incentive to create a robust set of test data?

          • Mike Schinkel

            what do you consider a less widely-used plugins,

            Sorry, it was unclear how I phrased it. What I meant was Less widely used than WordPress itself So what I really meant was: “Widely-used plugins”.

            Exploring even further, what was meaning was plugins that by nature have their elaborate sets of data and the best examples for that are e-commerce plugins where having both product and category test data as well as test sales data would be really helpful it someone is building a plugin, theme or even site that uses said e-commerce plugin.

            Looking at the leading plugins for WordPress other areas might be form plugins, SEO plugin and event calendar plugins.

            Truth be told though, maybe I’m one of the few who has really needed that, I dunno.

  3. Damien Saunders

    Hi Tom

    I’m really keen to give this ago .. I’ve been working on a CI setup with Jenkins and Apache Ant build scripts so hopefully this can fit right in.



    • Michael Novotny

      Damien Saunders : :

      That sounds like a pretty neat setup!

      Let us know how it goes!

    • Tom McFarlin

      That setup does sound neat.

      I’ve been using this test data while Michael was working on it and have recently begun using the final suite in a new project – absolutely digging it.

      Perhaps I’m biased, but I dig it. Definitely reveals a few things that I would’ve otherwise missed.

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