The dangers in blogging about a product or service that your friends are offering is that it comes off as gimmicky or as if there are ulterior motives for doing such.

I recognize that risk and anyone who’s done this has felt this tension; however, I also believe that there’s value in sharing good work from people regardless of if you know them or not.

And for those of you who have followed 8BIT via Twitter or the web for sometime, or who are familiar with John Saddington, you know that he’s currently running a Kickstarter campaign to back his project Pressgram.

Pressgram: Filtered Photos That You Own


Filtered photos that you actually own!

Services like Instagram, Path, and now even Flickr have gotten into the filtered photo industry (and I use that term loosely). But why not? It’s a lot of fun to snap shots of where you are, process them with someone fun, then upload them to the web and share them with your friends.

But there’s a caveat: If you care about content ownership, several of these services – though not all – make it impossible for you to actually, y’know, own your content.

So when John was breaking down his idea for this application, I pulled a Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank and asked him the following question:

So let’s say you build this and people come, what’s to stop one of these larger company’s from following suit and using their existing marketshare to crush you like the cockroach that you are?

Sure, part of the conversation was in jest but the point remained. And his answer was spot on:

Because I don’t care about owning their content.

Good answer, right?

So anyway, at the risk of sounding like a salesmen, I believe in Pressgram simply because I love the idea of being able not only to own my photos but easily share the photos on my own personal blog while knowing that I’m giving up any ownership, rights, or whatever.

Of course, for some that doesn’t matter – and I respect that – but if it does matter, I highly recommend checking out the campaign and backing it.

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