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Partnering on the WordPress Plugin Development Handbook

Shortly after the WordPress Community Summit, Siobhan McKeown pushed forward with an effort to formally put together several handbooks for the WordPress community.

The Handbooks include:

Out of all the handbooks being written, I’ll be contributing to the WordPress Plugin Guide – a handbook for plugin developers.

Specifically, I’ll be partnering with several other programmers all of whom I greatly respect and who have heard their keep among the WordPress Developer ranks.

At the time of this post, the team consists of:

Over the next few months, we’ll be working to put together the handbook to help guide WordPress developers of all levels of experience for best practices in building WordPress plugins.

As the handbook begins to come together, I’ll definitely be linking it here.

Until then, I’m excited to be working with the team above, and eager to be working to provide the best guide possible for building quality WordPress plugins.


  1. Phil Derksen

    Awesome news! I know I could use some stricter guidelines in my plugins. :)

    • tommcfarlin

      Awesome – can’t wait to get started on it :).

  2. Elliott Richmond

    That’s sweet! Do you have a release date?

    • tommcfarlin

      Not yet – we’re just in planning stages yet. Hoping to get started early next year!

  3. Samuel Than

    Good good… i’m in need of proper guide to write plugin.. thanks for putting in the time to write the book.

    • tommcfarlin

      Of course! I’m excited to be a part of the team – definitely in good company.

      In the mean time, be sure to checkout these two boilerplates. They’re meant to lay the foundation for building plugins and widgets with best practices:

  4. Maor Chasen

    Really looking forward to it! BTW, the most up-to-date lists of contributors is right here. :)

    • tommcfarlin

      Dude, nice! Missed that when writing this post.

      Updated :)

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