Just a little over a year ago, I released my WordPress Category Sticky Post plugin. The initial concept was simple:

Category Sticky Post for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mark a post as sticky within a specific category archive. It works exactly like the typical sticky post functionality within WordPress, except that it’s specifically for category archives.

And not a lot has changed since the first release.

Yes, I’ve made minor improvements here and there as evidenced by the changelog, but today I’m happy to officially release the second version of the plugin.

WordPress Category Sticky Post

Category Sticky Post

The category sticky post homepage.

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed the most about working on this particular project is its niche purpose. To that end, each time that a bug is fixed or something small is tweaked, it’s coming from actual users.

And in 2.0, I’ve introduced a couple of new features – some more focused on the code, others more focused on the end user – that I’m happy to finally have released:

  • Resolving a bug that marked the category as ‘unstuck’ when updating a post
  • Introduced a feature for disabling the category sticky border
  • Improving the coding standards of the plugin be separating the class into its own file
  • Improving the PHPDoc of the plugin

Perhaps the most visible new feature is the ability to actually disable the styling of the posts that are stuck within a category:

Category Sticky Post - Hide Border

The new option to hide the border on the category sticky post.

As usual, you can grab a copy of the file from the project homepage in the WordPress plugin repository.

Finally, keep the emails, questions, and comments coming and I’ll continue to work on improving the plugin even more.