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Earlier this week, I shared my thoughts on building web applications with WordPress. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the discussion that’s happened in the comments, but there’s been one question that’s continually cropped on in the comments and in my inbox:

Do you have examples of applications built on WordPress?

Noted developers Konstantin Kovshenin and Vladimir Prelovac chimed in with some of the WordPress applications that they’ve built, and I’m in the process of finishing up a few projects that I’m planning to cover here, but I know there’s more out there.

WordPress Applications – Where Are They?

To that end, I’m looking to build up a list of various applications – small or large – that have been built on top of WordPress. These can be smaller “utility applications” in the form of plugins, or these can be full blown applications that completely abstract the backend of WordPress away from users and/or administrators.

If you’ve built something like this, shoot it over to my inbox. This way, I can more easily manage it and get the details that your project deserves.

Even if you personally haven’t done so, but know someone who has or are plugged into the WordPress community on Twitter, please retweet the post as I’d love for us to provide some benefit the community.

Once I have enough, I plan to begin featuring them here as I’d love for people to begin to see WordPress as a true “app engine,” rather than just a content management system and/or a blogging platform.